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Ovarian Activation

Ovarian exhaustion, lack of ovarian reserve (menopause) – does it always lead to the oocyte donation?

Or is there a hope to obtain your “own” cells and give birth to a genetically healthy child? There is always a chance! And we will provide you with details in this article.

The biggest reproduction problem is a problem of low ovarian reserve and its total loss. People face this problem with age though sometimes it is not that rare even among young people (premature ovarian exhaustion), often after surgical treatment of pelvic problems.

While almost everything related to other reproduction problems can be solved thanks to the high tech medical care, the reduction, exhaustion or lack of ovarian reserve (menopause) is like an unassailable fortress for scientists-reproductologists from around the world. Presently, the only solution to achieve pregnancy in such a situation is the use of the donor’s eggs (oocytes), means taken from another woman with a good ovarian reserve. Afterwards the high tech medical care methods are applied and the woman with an ovarian reserve problem gets pregnant herself and gives birth! In many countries, this has already ceased to be a psychological problem. Women understand that this is the fastest way to achieve pregnancy. Does it comfort everyone?

The decision has been recently found in Japan.

Professor, MD Kazuhiro Kawamura learned to activate “silent” ovaries in the ovary. Activation takes place outside the human body, in the IVF laboratory, where they remove the natural genetic block from the cells. However, an ultimately necessary step is a laparoscopic operation on the patient’s ovaries and high-tech production of ovarian tissue with special tools and methods.

But there is something else. Activated ovarian tissue is put back into the patient’s body, and then develops on its own there, producing follicles. A woman even has her own periods, usually of 1-3 cycles. If during this period the ovarian stimulation is also carried out, then the eggs suitable for fertilization can be produced. The Kawamura method resulted in giving birth to children. The professor called it IVA.

Numerous big IVF clinics seek to obtain the licensed method. The most determined patients travel to Japan with a view to try IVA on themselves.  

On June 1, 2019, our clinic “AltraVita” was visited by Professor Kazuhiro Kawamura together with his colleague, co-author, American professor Aaron JW Hsueh. After a week of thorough comparison with other medical institutions, including the leading state clinics in Russia, the Moscow IVF clinic “AltraVita”  was selected to perform IVA treatment in the Russian Federation. The co-authors of the IVA method emphasized that clinics like AltraVita are rare in the modern world of medical services due to their real experience of complying with strict certification standards. Our clinic remains the only one Russian clinic that voluntarily went through the certification by the American system of quality control of medical institutions CAP - College of American Pathologists).

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I am ever so grateful to Dr. Asharina, who managed to give me hope on one day becoming a mother again. After a miscarriage with severe complications, all other doctors would only shrug and tell me to try harder and keep waiting.  Dr. Asharina, on the other hand, figured out the problem during the very first visit and prescribed the suitable treatment. Now, we are hoping for positive results.    
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I’d like to thank the Altravita management for employing such an amazing doctor like Saida A. Magomedova. She is indeed an outstanding specialist in her field. Dr. Magomedova is calm, patient, polite and, more importantly, very experienced! Even though she doesn’t have that many years of experience, she is highly knowledgeable in the area. Thanks to her skills, me and my husband became parents! Thank…
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