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IVF after 40 years

Pregnancy after 40 is a fairly rare occurrence even if you try to conceive naturally. IVF can be a possible solution to this problem for women over 40.

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IVF after 40

Pregnancy after 40 is a fairly rare occurrence even if you try to conceive naturally. IVF can be a possible solution to this problem for women over 40.

The ability to get pregnant, gestate and give birth to a child is determined by the age of woman planning to become a mother.

How to get pregnant over 40?

For a woman after 40 years a possibility of the natural conception and normal pregnancy decreases year after year. 

Modern ART and IVF come to help patients over 40. Such methods are actively used in AltraVita center. Such methods are actively used in AltraVita center. To determine the possibility of getting pregnant with her own eggs for a woman over 40, ovarian reserve assessment is required.

For this reason the following options are used:

  • Determination of AMH (anti mullerian hormone) - allows you to predict the chances of conception, although it does not affect fertility itself and decreases with age;;
  • FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) - the ovarian reserve means sufficient if there is a value of 10 mIU / ml and below;;
  • Antral follicles count — the follicles are counted during ultrasound examination.

At this age IVF is often performed in natural cycle, because a large number of eggs cannot be obtained during a stimulation.

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Thank you so much, Dr. Vladimir Valentinovich, you are both a wonderful person and an exceptional specialist!!! Thanks to your treatment and unique approach, on April 10 we had our precious little girl. You always knew exactly what to say to cheer us up. Despite all the failures, you never lost hope and kept coming up with new treatment plans until at the long last we finally succeeded. I thank you…
2019-10-15 Read more
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I am ever so grateful to Dr. Asharina, who managed to give me hope in one day becoming a mother again. After a miscarriage and severe complications, all other doctors would only shrug, telling me to try harder and keep waiting. Dr. Asharina, on the other hand, figured out the problem during the very first visit and prescribed a suitable treatment. Now, we are hoping for positive results.
2019-10-03 Read more
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I’d like to thank the Altravita management for employing such an amazing doctor as Saida A. Magomedova. She is indeed an outstanding specialist in her field. Dr. Magomedova is calm, patient, polite and, more importantly, very experienced! Even though she doesn’t have that many years of experience, she is highly knowledgeable. Thanks to her skills, me and my husband became parents! Thank you, Saida…
2019-09-17 Read more
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Dr. Zarema Beckkhanovna, there’s so many thoughts in my head, but it’s still not enough to express how grateful we are to you. Thank you for our son, please, except our deepest and most sincere gratitude. Thank you for your smiles, encouraging words, and warm hugs before the transfer. Thank you for when the test results came in and you told us: “We are going”. And so we went. We have come a long…
2019-09-12 Read more
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I first went to see Elena Alexandrovna in June. My spermogram was bad. The doctor said that was because of my hormones level and prescribed a treatment plan. After a month, we could already see positive changes. Although it’s still not perfect, I’m hoping for further improvements. The medicine is expensive, but it really works. It’s obvious that the Doctor knows what she is doing. They do tests and…
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