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Zarema Barakhoeva

Zarema Barakhoeva
Zarema Barakhoeva
Reproductive Endocrinologist, Gynecologist, MD, PHD
Medical practice 20 лет.
Владеет современными методами диагностики и лечения акушерской и гинекологической патологии, диагностика и лечение бесплодия.

Graduated from St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy. Residency was held at the Russian Academy of Postgraduate Education in the specialty “Obstetrics and Gynecology". In 2005 she defended her thesis on “Improving sparing surgery in patients of reproductive age." Professional experience 18 years. Author of several publications and articles published in the central domestic and foreign press.

Holder of certificates of gynecological endocrinology, ultrasound, cervical pathology. Member of the Russian Association of Human Reproduction.

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