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Review from Daria Belous, 2019-08-20

From the very bottom of my heart, I want to thank Saida Aligadzievna, one of the doctors in Altravita, for my long-awaited precious baby. It so happened that when I was young my career and professional success were more important for me than anything else. I kept stalling of having a baby, but when the time came, I realized how wrong I really was. 

Getting pregnant without professional assistance at the age of 43 seemed impossible. At first, I gave up and was ready to accept my fate. However, some friends of mine suggested I go to Altravita. The staff  here gave me a very warm welcome and did all they could to build up a positive attitude and hopes for successful treatment. A little more than a year later, I became a mom and finally felt what it means to be truly happy!

Thanks ever so much to all the doctors! You are like angels who help people in times of need!