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Review from Svetlana, 2019-09-08

I’d like to tell everyone about a talented, attentive and by all means unique reproductologist Dr. Evgenia Vladimirovna!!! I didn’t actually pick her personally, I just called the clinic and asked them to book the closest appointment possible for me, and God am I grateful that the closest appointment happened to be with her!!! To tell the truth, before I actually met her, I used to think that she seemed too young to have enough experience, but all the “experienced” doctors were either already on vacation, or about to leave for one.

However, after the very first consultation all of my doubts about her experience and talent immediately went away. I was amazed at how thorough she was when studying my case, paying close attention to every little detail. No doctor have ever asked me so many questions, even the ones in Compulsory Health Insurance IVF program.
Despite my comparatively light body weight (57kg) Evgenia Vladiirovna adjusted my meds dosage perfectly to avoid hyperstimulation. The follicles developed evenly and sufficiently. The night before the puncture I was supposed to give myself a shot of HCG but I couldn’t do it because I spilled it while filling the syringe. Naturally, I panicked and texted the Doctor things like “I missed the time, oh my god, what do I do, help ASAP!!!”

Evgenia Vladimirovna stayed with me all the while I was driving from one drugstore to another searching for the medicine. It wasn’t her responsibility to do so, but as the nice person she is, she showed understanding and patiently answered all my questions. I am so thankful for when she didn’t leave me to deal with that kind of stressful situation and was by my side instead. The program was a success, we made it from the first try and now we are expecting our baby!!!
I will definitely come to her for my second baby next time!